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Paul Whiting, FRAS (Treasurer of OASI) is willing to present multimedia talks and courses to other groups and societies. Contact details and topics are as follows.

Email treasurer@oasi.org.uk



After-Dinner Speaking

  1. Eclipses
  2. Aurora
  3. The Sun
  4. Radio and General Astronomy
  5. The Solar System
  6. Gravity Waves
  7. The Hubble Space Telescope
  8. New Horizons of Pluto
  9. History of Astronomy
  10. History of Orwell Park Observatory
  11. History of the Universe
  12. School Presentations (KS2-4)
  13. Computer Problem Solving
  14. Oriental Cooking
  1. Astronomy
  2. Mathematics
  3. Software Testing

Reminiscences of an Eclipse-Chaser. An explanation of eclipses and why they occur, together with a humorous account of travelling the world to view them.