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OASI is a society for people interested in astronomy. We are based at Orwell Park Observatory and Newbourne Village Hall, both situated near Ipswich, Suffolk. Members enjoy a wide range of interests in astronomy and include armchair astronomers, casual observers, and dedicated amateurs with specialist skills in visual and photographic observing, constructing telescopes, public education in astronomy and the history of astronomy.

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Tomline Refractor


Visit Orwell Park Observatory and see the historic Tomline Refractor dating from 1874.

Upcoming events

Wed 02 Feb 2022, 20:15, Orwell Park Observatory, OASI@Orwell Park. General observing.

Tue 08 Feb 2022, 20:15, Orwell Park Observatory, Observatory tour. Booking essential.

Wed 09 Feb 2022, 20:15, Orwell Park Observatory, OASI@Orwell Park. General observing.

Fri 11 Feb 2022, 20:00, Zoom, Recorded Zoom talk entitled The Last Stargazers - The Changing Nature Of Professional Stargazing by Professor Emily Levesque.

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Recent observations and activities

20220121_JWST_pair_NSE.jpg The James Web Space Telescope (JWST) en route towards orbit around L2, 21 January 2022, Nigel Evans. More

20220120_Sh2-261_JWH.png Lowers Nebula north of Betelgeuse in Orion, 05-20 January 2022, John Hughes. More

20220110_054244_AJS_662_sm.jpg A fireball in Boötes ejects material forming a small cloud visible for several minutes before dispersing, 10 January 2022, Alan Smith. More

20220102_IC410_AG.jpg Nebula IC410, 01 November 2021- 02 January 2022, Andy Gibbs. More